Jul 2016

Mykonian House

Extension & interior re-design of the main house, design and construction of the guard’s house, the gym and E/M facilities stand-alone room. Revision and alterations on the landscape of the entire site, complemented with furniture design.
  • Ioanna Sotiriou, Civil Engineer: Yorgos Cavoulakos, Advisor: Dimitris Karampatakis
  • Completed
  • Mykonos, Greece

The house itself, located at perhaps the most beautiful and prominent site on the island of Mykonos (Psarou), was initially built in 1993. Keeping in mind that the Greek construction laws change frequently, the house underwent sporadic transformations during the past decades. This fact led to a semi-functional layout, a rather rigid architecture in terms of use and a plethora of materials that, even if beautiful on their own, produced disharmonious color palettes and texture combinations. 

The most interesting and challenging part of this project was working on all possible scales simultaneously. The design process was constantly going back and forth with discussions and reviews of the design of furniture and entire floors interchangeably. This allowed for a consistent language through all possible levels: from the pergolas to the wardrobes, the same materials, design intentions and methods appear in all the instances of the project. 

Vie from the Living Room

Preliminary sketch of the holistic design strategy that was to be followed.